What is this?

Hi, this is Ocean.

A new identity. A new version myself.

Perhaps you may know me from my pseudonym “Gappiya” or if I am lucky (or unlucky depending on how you describe your luck), you might know me personally as “Tharindu”. Regardless of how we met, I am sure you must be confused right now. Why a new name? What is it all about?

My parents named me “Tharindu”. It means “Moon”. I don’t think I ever liked the name my parents gave me. I was born in Sri Lanka and “Tharindu” is a very common name over there. I never wanted to be “common”. I never will be anyway. For reasons, you will see shortly.

I grew up poor in a disturbed household. I got bullied in school. I was malnourished and suffered from chronic illness for most of my childhood years. Physically I was weak. However, I remember having a vibrant inner world. I’ve spent most of my time getting lost in conversations with my self. I don’t think I had any close friends. Surprisingly I was okay with it too. After years of soul searching and reasoning now, I know why.

I was unlucky most of my childhood but that changed when I immigrated to Australia. I met a very generous man who would help me to settle in Australia. A guy – unknown, who I met in a chat room when the internet just launched. I got lucky.

After many years of hardship as a young immigrant, Australia taught me many lessons. Then, I met a white girl who would open up a whole new world for me. I got lucky again. A new digital identity called “Gappiya” was born. Slowly I started to connect with my inner world. That lasted for a few years and, then I got unlucky.

A long-lasted relationship ended. I had to think of ways to survive on my own. Slowly my thoughts, values and purpose started to swift in a new direction.

I am calling this unknown entity the “Ocean Knighter”. My old self is dead. A new demon has claimed my soul. In this journal, I am letting him speak.

If are interested in this journey, you can be a part of the gang here.

Learning storyboards

It’s bloody freezing!

Days are getting shorter and darker. Winter is already here. If you are in Melbourne, you must have felt it this week. Apparently, it’s going to get worse next week. Anyway, I hope you rugged up and have a nice warm bed to sleep in.

So you must be wondering what’s new.

Well, I’ve been working on storyboards for Lakstralia. It occurred to me I should have all shots figured before shooting otherwise, I will be wasting too much time when I am filming with other people. Currently, Lakstralia has 7 other actors, a music dude and an animation dude. Massive crew! I know. This is the first episode based series I am making of this magnitude. So I need to get some organisation happening. Anyway, I’ve already done 10 storyboards. Just need to do 3 more. Then I can start filming. Pretty exciting stuff. Storyboarding is a fun step in the production process but I have to say – I am not a fan.

I have to figure out what direction a certain character is facing and therefore the 3d layout of the whole scene. This is especially challenging in this series because everything gets filmed in front of a green screen. A lot of flipping, mirror effects and neck bending. After 10 storyboards I think I sort of figured out my system now. With a bit of help from photoshop, I can draw a map which I can then use to draw slides. This is extremely helpful when filming. I don’t have anyone helping me in the filming stage so having a map makes everything a little easy.

Lakstralia storyboard - Ocean Knighter
Episode 2 – Storyboard

So far everything is going well. It is a little slow. Well very slow! I am working full time and I work on this project at nights and at weekends. So forgive me if I am a little late. I will try and send these updates every 3 weeks or so you know what’s going on.

Like always thanks for the support!

Lakstralia - Scripts done. Ocean Knighter
All scripts are done 🙂