A new (old) hobby

I picked up a new hobby.

Well, it’s not new. it’s an old hobby that I always was passionate about but I don’t think I ever explored it deep enough.

If you know me long enough, you know that I like to draw. I loved drawing and painting since I was a kid. I studied “art” in high school and even went to a paid class after school, in town. Which was the only class I was looking forward to attending.

My art teacher was an old retired man. He had a deep voice. His face looked unusual with his long pointy nose and flat hair. He had strange ways of teaching. He turned his garage into a classroom and this where he did most of the teaching. One day he asked us to pick a leaf from his backyard and make a sketch. Another time he made one of the students sit on a bench and asked the rest to draw. He had a massive backyard filled with all sorts of trees and plants. His house was next to the railway and we would always see trains go past. Unlike in school or other classes we were permitted to stare at the train. As you can imagine I purposely sat at the last raw and thoroughly enjoyed looking at his beautiful garden and passing trains. I can’t remember him being a very strict teacher but he was pretty straight when it came to tuition fees.

My art starting to look good after a few months. I remember some of my schoolmates commenting on my new painting style. This is the only thing I was good at in school and I must say I was pretty happy with my progress.

Then one day I stopped going to the art class. I can’t remember what happened but I must have decided – that’s enough.

Years went passed. I left my country. Got myself a job in a kitchen. More than a decade passed and now I work as a marketing manager working 9 to 5. I somehow forgot about my art teacher, his beautiful garden and passing trains until recently. I thought about my early childhood years and my deep love for drawing. I thought I should explore my old hobby again. So as one would do, I bought myself a new iPad (Yes, the one with the Apple pencil!), a skillshare subscription so I can learn “How to draw”.

As I go through lessons, what occurred to me is – how systematic drawing is. How everything can be distilled into basic shapes and forms. I thought about my life in general. I looked at everything I am made of. My job, my workout routine, my relationships and my thoughts about the world. How everything looks complex on the surface but deep inside how it is made out of basic human needs.

Such as the innocent desire to be heard, understood and loved for who I am! Everything else is just a cherry on the cake. As long as I don’t honour my inner voice and identify my basic shapes I don’t think I can ever become the beautiful painting I dreamt of becoming when I was a kid.

So I decided to take a step back and explore myself!

Wherever you are I hope you are doing well and maybe take a moment or two to re-discover yourself and think about your purpose in this world.

How to draw a human face. Ocean Knighter artwork
The human head can be divided into 3 parts. The first part is the forehead. The second part fits inside the brow line and tip of the nose. Thrid part fits between nose and chin.

I am currently moving so haven’t done any filming for Lakstralia in a while. I will give you an update as soon as I am settled in my new place.