I had enough

Yes, you heard me.

I had enough of this virus, lockdowns and constantly getting my plans cancelled. I am taking things under my control.

If you have been following my blog then you must know about my upcoming show “Lakstralia”. In case you missed it, a quick plot summary is below.

Two young fishermen set out on an adventure looking for new land. They ended up in an unknown country called “Lakstralia”, inhabited by an unusual race of people.

This is an episode-based YouTube (Or Vimeo – I am not sure yet) series expected to go live in early 2022. It has 13 episodes and 7 new actors. Well, it supposes to have 7 new actors. Unfortunately, COVID is here to stay and looking at current vaccination rates in Australia I don’t think I am allowed to have anyone in the studio (When I say studio, I mean my lounge room. It sounds way better when I say studio) for a while so after many days of head-scratching and foot thumping – I made an executive decision.

Ocean Knighter_Adobe premier screen shot
Lakstralia Episode 3 – In Adobe Premeire

I had enough and I am doing it myself!

Yep, I am going to play all the characters (thirteen or so) and I am going to get it done. Full stop.

I’ve completed two episodes and currently editing the third episode. This project is not going to look like how I originally planned but hey! I need to work with what I’ve got. Shout out to Janaki and Yosh from Queensland for doing their part remotely. (I will introduce them in another mail).

Anyway, it feels great working in the studio again. This entire series is getting filmed in front of a green screen (Another COVID inspired decision) so it is taking a bit of MacBook juice and more head-scratching. It is challenging but I am learning new tricks and so far it’s working well.

Ocean Knighter Studio 2021

Also more non-trivial news. I moved to a new house. A very quiet neighbourhood. Our neighbour “Colin” said he will continue to look after garden paths on the side of our house even though he’s not supposed to.

What a legend!

There’s a massive oval just a hop, skip & jump away from my place. It has a pull-up bar and a dip bar. It’s reasonably quiet and has enough trees. Everything a YouTuber needs. (If you are not sure about how a pull-up bar and trees connected to YouTube, let me explain that for you in another email soon)

Until then take it easy.

The world might be falling apart but we still have some control over things. Our “minds” and creativity for instance. We can stress about things we can fix. There is no point yelling at things that are not in our control.

Stay safe.